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    • Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Escherichia Coli Isolates Using RAPD PCR Technique 

      Alshrif, Naima M.; Buazzi, Mahmoud M. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      RAPD-Polymerase chain reaction technique was used to analyze genetic variety for nine isolates of Escherichia coli, causing Urinary Tract Infection in pregnant women. Fifty-three urine samples were collected from inpatients ...

      Lawej, Abdualaziz Ibrahim; Milad, Rabea Mansur; Aghnayah, Mohamed Abduljalil; Khalafllaa, Hamza Aabeed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      The mother tongue (L1) use is a common occurrence in foreign language teaching contexts despite the fact that it often receives criticism for its interference with target language acquisition. The aim of this study was to ...
    • Comparison of Different Indicators for Groundwater Contamination by Seawater Intrusion on the Khoms city, Libya 

      Egnebr, Abdulrhman Mohamed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      ثم اختيار عدد عشرة عينات من الشرق الي الغرب في اتجاه المجاور للبحر وعدد تسعة ابار من الشمال الي الجنوب في اتجاه عمودي من البحر لعدد من ابار المياه الجوفية بمنطقة الخمس الواقعة بالشمال الغربي من ليبيا وتم اخذ العينات ...
    • Cultural Content in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching 

      Mohsen, Ghada Al-Hussayn (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Teaching and learning any language involves the knowledge of its culture. Cultural content is an effective element in teaching and learning a language. The present study reviews different definitions to the term culture, ...
    • Effect cinnamon plant on liver of rats treated with trichloroethylene 

      الغويج, ليلى منصور; الثقبي, هدى على (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Background & Aims: cinnamon (CNN), a plant phenolic compound, is widely used as a spice and coloring agent in food. Recently, CNN, had been considered to possess antioxidant activities. This study aimed to investigate ...
    • Effect Mesoporous silica silver nanoparticles on antibacterial agent Gram- negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus 

      Abousittash, Hanan B.; Kheiralla, Z. M. H.; M.A., Betiha (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      تم دراسة النشاط الميكروبى لجزيئات mesoporous Ag/NH2-KIT-6(x) النانوية المصنعة بطريقة الأختزال الكيميائى ضد سلالتين من البكتريا السالبة والموجبة لصبغة جرام هما P.aeruginosa و S.aureusوأكدت النتائج المتحصل عليها القدرة ...
    • The Emergence of Virtual Learning in Libya during Coronavirus Pandemic 

      alshareef, Hisham mohammed alnaib; elfagaeh, aisha mohammed; alghawash, aisha omran (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the worldwide nature of education, from face-to-face learning to virtual learning. Coronavirus has spread rapidly, as many countries were not prepared for urgent lockdown. Most developed ...
    • English Pronunciation problems Encountered by Libyan University Students at Faculty of Education, Elmergib University 

      Ageal, Aisha Mohammed; Jaber, Najat Mohammed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      This study examines the segmental pronunciation problems faced by the advanced students at Faculty of Education, El-Mergib University. The segmental pronunciation here refers to the way consonant and vowel sounds are ...
    • Examination of 4G (LTE) Wireless Network 

      Almadhun, Salem H.; Aldeep, Salem M.; Rmis, Aimen M.; Amer, Khairia Abdulsalam (2021-07)
      Recently, the mobile wireless communication technology has become one of the most important fields which still in a significant growth that because to keep abreast of the progress that occur in broadband services field ...
    • Fibrewise Separation axioms in Fibrewise Topological Group 

      Abdanab, N. S. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      In this paper we will introduce and study the notion of fibrewise separation axioms in fibrewise topological group and show that fibrewise 〖 T〗_2 space ⇒ fibrewise 〖 T〗_1 space⇒ fibrewise 〖 T〗_0 space.
    • Hilbert Space and Applications 

      Maree, Elhadi A. A.; Sultan, Abdualah Ibrahim; Alurrfi, Khaled A. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Functional analysis is one of the most important branches of modern Mathematics and Physics. In functional analysis, Hilbert spaces have a great and positive influence in the development of functional analysis. Hilbert ...
    • Impact of Information Technology on Supply Chain management 

      كليب, خيري عبدالسلام; بشير, عبدالسلام بشير; كصارة, ناصر مختار; فرحات, ناصر عبد الحميد (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      تناولت الدراسة تأثير تكنولوجيا المعلومات على إدارة سلسلة التوريد ومن ثم مدى تأثير تكنولوجيا المعلومات في إدارة سلسلة التوريد. أما الجانب العملي فقد تناول دراسة ميدانية على الشركة الليبية للحديد والصلب لدراسة تأثير تكنولوجيا ...
    • Influence of annealing and Hydrogen content on structural and optoelectronic properties of Nano-multilayers of a-Si:H/a-Ge: H used in Solar Cells 

      Saleh, Ibrahim A.; Fayez, Tarek M.; Ahmad, Mustafah M. A (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Nano-multilayers (NMLs) of a-Si:H/a-Ge: H were prepared at 200◦C by alternating deposition from SiH4 and GeH4 plasmas in a computer-controlled four chamber glow-discharge deposition system with capacitive coupled diode ...
    • An Interactive GUESS Method for Solving Nonlinear Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization Problem 

      Haribash, Ebtisam Ali (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      This paper presents an algorithm for tackling nonlinear constrained multi-objective optimization problem. In this algorithm, a GUESS method used to transform a multi-objective problem into a single-objective one. An active ...
    • Investigating Writing Errors Made by Third Year Students at the Faculty of Education _El-Mergib University 

      Mohammed, Samah Taleb (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      هدفت هذه الورقة إلى تحديد وتحليل أخطاء الكتابة الأكاديمية الأكثر تكرارا التي يرتكبها طلاب السنة الثالثة في مهامهم الكتابية واقتراح طرق لتصحيح هذه الأخطاء. أجريت الدراسة في قسم اللغة الإنجليزية - كلية التربية / جامعة المرقب. ...
    • The learners' preferences of oral corrective feedback techniques 

      الحبشي, أسماء محمد (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Over the past years, the studies on corrective feedback have attained notability in the second language acquisition field and in facilitating oral English development. Therefore, in many classrooms, the corrective feedback ...
    • Least-Squares Line 

      الدالي, لطفية محمد (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      في هذة الورقة سندرس تطبيق عملي لفضاء الضرب لمحاولة لحل نظام خطي في صورة AX=b n>m من المتغيرات عندما ( m &n) من المعادلات
    • Molecular fossil characteristics of crude oils from Libyan oilfields in the Zalla Trough 

      Abduljalil, Musbah A. M. F. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      The main aim of this study is to determine the organic geochemistry of the two crude oils samples recovered from Zalla Trough oilfields to assess oil characterization, Maturation and source depositional environments. The ...
    • The Morphological Analysis of the Quranic Texts 

      Mohsen, Al-Hussein S.; Faraj, Awatef A.; Al-Borky, Khawla H. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      This research studies what morphology is, namely the study of word formation. It talks about the morpheme and the types of morpheme. It also considers the reasons why languages have morphemes. It also studies the importance ...
    • On Coefficient Bounds for Certain Classes of Analytic Functions 

      Amsheri, S. M. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      In the present paper we obtain Fekete-Szegö inequalities and sharp bounds for certain classes of analytic and p-valent functions in the open unit disk involving certain fractional derivative operator.