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dc.contributor.authorSharif, Osama A
dc.contributor.authorDabah, Ahmad M
dc.description.abstractAbstract The objective of Catalytic cracking is a process which breaks down the larger, heavier, and more complex hydrocarbon molecules into simpler and lighter molecules by the action of heat and aided by the presence of a catalyst but without the addition of hydrogen. Heavy Gas Oil (HGO) was chosen as a feedstock to investigate in by catalytic cracking process on three different of zeolite catalysts (H-Beta, ZSM-5, and Mordinite) at different reaction temperatures (400, 425, 450 oC) using autoclave batch reactor. The results showed that the catalytic cracking of HGO over H-Beta, H-ZSM5, and Mordinite catalysts was successfully catalytically cracked into gases, gasoline and distillate products. Simulated Distillation (SIMDIST), Gas Chromatograph (GC) and Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) techniques were used to analysis the feedstock and reaction products. Catalytic cracking of HGO was studied increase, the yield of gases; gasoline and coke are increases, whilst the yields of distillate (207+ oC) are decreases. Catalytic cracking of HGO in the present of H-ZSM-5 catalyst at 450oC cracking temperature shows the most interesting results with high Selectivity toward gasoline range (33.9 wt%), and the reaction products formed during the catalytic cracking of HGO are formed to be within the carbon distribution ranging from (C5-C12). It has been found that the cracking temperature has strong influence on the conversion and product distribution. When H-Beta, H-ZSM5, and Mordinite catalysts were used as a catalyst, it was noted that as the cracking temperature increase from 400-450 oC, the liquid yield was decreased from 76 to 69%, 73 to 68%, and 80 to 72% by weight ,respectively. TGA was used in this research to quantify the coke deposited on the surface of the catalysts tested. The percentage weight loss of coked catalysts resulting from catalytic cracking of HGO over HBeta, H-ZSM5, and Mordinite catalysts are 28.6%, 30.6%, and 30% ,respectivelyen_US
dc.publisherElmergib Universityen_US
dc.subjectCatalytic Cracking; Heavy Gas Oil; Zeolite Catalysts (H-Beta, HZSM5 and Mordinite ).en_US
dc.titleCatalytic Cracking of Heavy Gas Oil (HGO) Fraction over H-Beta, H-ZSM5 and Mordinite Catalystsen_US

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