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dc.contributor.authorAli Alsadi, Hawa Imhemed
dc.description.abstractAbstract—A study on the physicochemical properties of Flax seed oil for industrial applications were carried out. Physicochemical properties of Flax seed oil (39% lipids) showed high content of iodine value (141mg/100g) and saponification value (198.45 mg/100g). The present study shows that, Flax seed oil is rich in linolenic and oleic acids. The Flax seed oil with the highest amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (linolenic acid) can find an application in surface coating industries and biolubricant base oil applications, whereas the high amount of monounsaturated fatty acid can find an application as a biodiesel feed stock. Flax seed oil contains major TAG of monounsaturated OLL, POL,PPS, PLnLn , POLn, LnLnLn ,OLnLn , OLLn , LLLn and POLn. Flax seed oil can be classified as unsaturated oil with an unsaturated fat level of 89.5%. Hence the Flax seed oil has great potential for industrial applications such as in paint and surface coatings, production of biodiesel and biolubricant. Therefore, it is crucial to have more research on Flax seed oil in the future to explore its potential as a future industrial oilseed cropen_US
dc.publisherElmergib Universityen_US
dc.subjectPhysical, Chemical, Industrial applications, Flax seed oilen_US
dc.titlePhysical and Chemical Properties Analysis of Flax Seed Oil (FSO) for Industrial Applicationsen_US

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