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dc.contributor.authorAlJadi, Atidal Idriss
dc.contributor.authorAlQwidhy, Iman Mohammed
dc.description.abstractThis study investigates the reactions of students in AlKhums city to their teachers' feedback .It attempts to explore the effectiveness of teachers' feedback on students' learning and achievements, and how it influences their performance inside the classroom focusing particularly on the factors that might have influenced their reactions. Students' data from interviews, with teachers' data from a questionnaire, lead us to a clear results that say teachers' feedback has a great impact on students' learning and achievements; positively, and negatively. Students who had been provided with positive feedback like praise, or a reward feel more confident and happy about their performance, and that motivates them to achieve more, while those who had been provided with negative feedback as a punishment, feel upset and become less confident that affects their performance inside the classroom negatively. The study concludes that feedback has a huge impact on students' learning and achievements. Throughout this study, we recognized the importance of the suitable way for supplying both kinds of feedback; "positive and negative" by the teachers who must be aware of the effect of their feedback on their students' expectations and attitudes, as well as its effect on their achievements in general.en_US
dc.publisherElmergib Universityen_US
dc.titleThe Impact of Teachers' feedback on Students' Learning and Achievementsen_US

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    صدر العدد الحالي في مارس 2018 ويحتوي على عدد 19 ورقة بحثية باللغة العربية وعدد 1 ورقه بحثية باللغة الانجليزية

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