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    • Fekete -Szego Problem for Starlike of Complex functions of Order b Related to Generalized Derivative Operator 

      Agela Alsait, Amera; Muftah Alabbar, Nagat (Elmergib University, 2019-12)
      الغرض من هذه الورقة هو دراسة وحل مشكلة othe Fekete-Szeg لبعض الفئات الفرعية الجديدة لدالة شبيهة لنجوم و دالة محدبة مرتبات لعدد المركب والتي يرمز لها لرمزsbD,n(m,q,λ)O وcbD,n(m,q,λ)O على التوالي التي تم الحصول عليها ...
    • Fekete-Szegö Inequalities for Certain subclasses of p-Valent Functions of Complex Order Associated with Fractional Derivative Operator 

      Amsheri, S. M.; Alnajjar, L. A. (Elmergib University, 2019-12)
      In the present paper, we obtain Fekete-Szegö inequalities and sharp bounds for some subclasses of analytic and p-valent functions in the open unit disk defined by certain fractional derivative operator.
    • Fekete-Szegö inequality for Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions 

      Amer, Aisha Ahmed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2017-12)
      In this present work, the author obtain Fekete-Szegö inequality for certain classes of parabolic starlike and uniformly convex functions involving certain generalized derivative operator defined in [1].
    • Fibrewise Separation axioms in Fibrewise Topological Group 

      Abdanab, N. S. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      In this paper we will introduce and study the notion of fibrewise separation axioms in fibrewise topological group and show that fibrewise 〖 T〗_2 space ⇒ fibrewise 〖 T〗_1 space⇒ fibrewise 〖 T〗_0 space.
    • Financial Disclosure in the annual reports of Libyan Banks from Users' perspectives 

      كريبات, موسى (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2014-01)

      Amsheri, Somia M (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2017-12)
      In this paper we introduce new subclasses of starlike functions in the open unit disk by using fractional derivative operator. We obtain coefficient inequalities and distortion theorems for functions belonging to these ...
    • Further Proof on Fuzzy Sequences on Metric Spaces 

      Amer, Fariha J; Irhuma, Salma O (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2018-06)
      In this paper we prove that if a finite number of crisp sequences converges to some limit then there exists a fuzzy sequence converges to the same limit, and the convers is true.
    • Fuzzy Complex Valued Metric Spaces 

      أميمن, فاطمة مصطفي; عبد الرحمن, سعاد مفتاح (Elmergib Uinversity, 2017-01)
      In this paper, we introduce the concept of fuzzy complex valued metric space by using the notion of complex fuzzy set, moreover, we define the topology induced by this space and some related results of them. In order ...
    • Generating countable sets of continuous selfmaps on IN absorbing spaces 

      Ali Algadid, Yousef; Abdelwahab Hannun, Waleed (Elmergib University, 2019-12)
      S(X) is the semigroup, under composition, of all continuous selfmaps of the topological space X. In this paper, Banach's method in [8] is adapted to show that every countable subset of S(X) is contained in a 2- generated ...

      WARD, ASHRAF M; ELGUSBI, TAREK M (Elmergib University, 2016-12)
      The development of DNA-based technologies, within the concept of selection marker gene, allows animals to evaluate the allelic variants of genes that are directly or indirectly related to production traits. Development and ...
    • Hilbert Space and Applications 

      Maree, Elhadi A. A.; Sultan, Abdualah Ibrahim; Alurrfi, Khaled A. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Functional analysis is one of the most important branches of modern Mathematics and Physics. In functional analysis, Hilbert spaces have a great and positive influence in the development of functional analysis. Hilbert ...

      Elzalet, Fadela M.; Noba, Sami A. S.; Kaboukah, Omar M. A. (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2022-01)
      This project is concerned Comparative study of hydrogen production technologies, with the production assumed capacity of plant is about 500 kg/day of hydrogen gas .Due to the importance of hydrogen gas, there is a need for ...
    • Impact of Information Technology on Supply Chain management 

      كليب, خيري عبدالسلام; بشير, عبدالسلام بشير; كصارة, ناصر مختار; فرحات, ناصر عبد الحميد (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      تناولت الدراسة تأثير تكنولوجيا المعلومات على إدارة سلسلة التوريد ومن ثم مدى تأثير تكنولوجيا المعلومات في إدارة سلسلة التوريد. أما الجانب العملي فقد تناول دراسة ميدانية على الشركة الليبية للحديد والصلب لدراسة تأثير تكنولوجيا ...
    • The Impact of Teachers' feedback on Students' Learning and Achievements 

      AlJadi, Atidal Idriss; AlQwidhy, Iman Mohammed (Elmergib University, 2018-03)
      This study investigates the reactions of students in AlKhums city to their teachers' feedback .It attempts to explore the effectiveness of teachers' feedback on students' learning and achievements, and how it influences ...
    • Implementing phonics method in teaching Arabic and English reading and writing skills 

      This study compared between the phonics teaching method used in teaching different languages which are Arabic and English. As each language has its own alphabetic, phonological, syntactic and semantic features, teaching ...
    • The Importance of Listening Comprehension In Language Teaching and Learning 

      البحباح, محمد إمحمد (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2014-06)
    • The Importance of Writing an Appropriate Abstract for Postgraduate EFL Libyan Students 

      Elmojahed, Ali Ahmed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2020-06)
      A careful examination of a number of dissertations written by some Libyan EFL postgraduate students, has shown that they have problems in writing abstracts. The problem lies in the fact that students include unnecessary ...
    • Improving Cache Hit Rate Using The Control Flow Graph 

      Elaraby, Abedelatie Ali; Elahresh, Musbah Mohammed (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2018-06)
      This paper provides a technique for designing a cache control unit that speeds up program execution time. This feature is highly required for modern computers to enhance system performance and efficiency. The technique ...
    • Incidence of Escherichia coli in Raw Cow's Milk 

      الطويل, محمد عبدالله (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2013-06)
      This study was designed to determine the incidence of opportunistic pathogen, E. coli, in raw cow's milk (Four farms and vending shops). Fourteen raw milk samples were randomly collected from different localities/sources ...
    • Influence of annealing and Hydrogen content on structural and optoelectronic properties of Nano-multilayers of a-Si:H/a-Ge: H used in Solar Cells 

      Saleh, Ibrahim A.; Fayez, Tarek M.; Ahmad, Mustafah M. A (ELMERGIB UNIVERSITY, 2021-07)
      Nano-multilayers (NMLs) of a-Si:H/a-Ge: H were prepared at 200◦C by alternating deposition from SiH4 and GeH4 plasmas in a computer-controlled four chamber glow-discharge deposition system with capacitive coupled diode ...