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      Ad-hoc Networks; Routing protocols; Network Simulator. [1]
      Asphalt mastic, Viscosity, Complex shear modulus, Phase angle, Ageing. [1]
      bacteria classification, deep learning, convolution neural network, transfer learning, computer Vision [1]
      Chemical process Control, Proportional-Integral Controller, Model Predictive Control, MATLAB / Simulink [1]
      Cognitive radio, cooperative spectrum sensing, decision rules, energy detection. [1]
      Crude Oil, Specific Gravity, Permeability, Shear Strength, Maximum Dry Density [1]
      cryptography ,LSB ,image, pixel ,RBG color [1]
      Cyclic, Concentration, electrochemical, linear, plasma, thickness [1]
      Discrete linear chirp transform, denoising, chirp signals, nonstationary signal filtering. [1]
      Drowned Hydraulic Jump, Energy Dissipation, Counterflow, Froude Number [1]
      Electricity consumption; Load profiles; Domestic buildings; Appliances; Occupancy; Dwelling characteristics; Metering Equipment [1]
      Energy Efficiency, MIMO radio access networks, Energy Consumption Gain, Power consumption model, DTX. [1]
      face recognition; symmetry; histogram of oriented gradients [1]
      Friction Stir Welding (FSW), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermo-mechanical Affected Zone (TMAZ). [1]
      Fuzzy controller, rule base, indirect field oriented control, induction motor drive, speed control [1]
      Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), e-learning, virtual university, e-university, challenges of e-learning [1]
      Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning. [1]
      Magnetic nano-composites, sepiolite, chromium (VI), adsorption, modeling and kinetics. [1]
      Maximum Area Aggregation (MAA), Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS), Optimal Power Flow, Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow (P-OPF), Probability Density Functions (PDFs). [1]
      Mobile Computing, Mobile Games, Mobile App Development, Unity Engine. [1]