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dc.contributor.authorGamal, M. A. B
dc.contributor.authorAbo Azza, M. M
dc.contributor.authorAl Gayeed, A. O. A
dc.contributor.authorshakurfow, F. A. A
dc.description.abstractFrom the moment of shampoo product is opened until the consumer discards it, it is subject to constant and variable microbial contamination from the domestic environment and the consumers’ hands and body fluids. Materials: A total of 18 representative samples were purchased at retail outlets in AlKhoms, Libya. These samples were hair shampoo and kohl, which are currently available in the local markets. Media used: Nutrient agar, blood agar, mannitol salt agar, peptone water and tryptone yeast extract agar were used in the isolation and determination of the bacterial load of the sample. Sabouraud dextrose agar was used for the isolation and enumeration of yeasts and molds. Method: Bacteriological counts of the cosmetic shampoo, fungal isolates were identified based on their macroscopic and microscopic appearance. Results: The two brands include Dove and Pantene shampoos, From 22.2% of Dove shampoo S. epidermidis was isolated at rate of less than 1000 cfu/g. and 11.1% contain Rhizopus spp. The two brands include Parachute and Good life hair oils. From 22.2% of Parachute hair oil B. subtilis was isolated at rate of 100 cfu/g. No other bacteria, molds or yeasts detected in the tested samples. Also the same results observed with Good life hair oil but B. subtilis was isolated from 11.1% of the examined samples. Summary: Two brands of hair shampoos were tested for their total aerobic bacterial, coliform and fungal counts. Only Staphylococcus epidermidis and Rhizopus spp. were detected. However Bacillus subtilis was isolated from 11.1% of the tested hair oil samples. All tested samples of cosmetic hair preparations including hair shampoos and oils were free from anaerobic bacterial contaminationen_US
dc.publisherElmergib Universityen_US
dc.titleMicrobiological Quality Assessment of Some Brands of Cosmetic Hair Care Preparations Sold Within Alkhoms City, Libyaen_US

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