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dc.contributor.authorAshmilab, E. M
dc.contributor.authorAlshuaib, A.M
dc.contributor.authorMuftaha, G. E. A.
dc.description.abstractCopper indium ditelluride (CuInTe2) has been electrochemically deposited from aqueous solution. Cyclic voltammetry analyses were used to determine suitable deposition parameters. pH-potential diagram was drawn to provide information on the chemical reactions taking place at different deposition potentials and pH. As measured by Talysurf and gravimetric techniques, the thickness of deposited films was found to be ~2.0 μm, when deposited over a period of 3 hrs. X-ray diffraction, and optical absorption have been used to investigate the bulk structure, energy band gap of the material layers respectively. It was found that it has polycrystalline chalcopyrite structure with band gap varied between 1.10 and 1.30 eV.en_US
dc.titleElectrodeposition of semiconductors CuInTe2, Thin film solar cellsen_US

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