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dc.contributor.authorاشميلة, إسماعيل ميلاد
dc.contributor.authorالذويبي, عمر
dc.description.abstractA large number of adders have been proposed, but adding fast adder using low area and power is still challenging. In 2001 a new 32-bit asynchronous adder has been introduced (32-bit ESTC adder)[1], which used the estimation theory to improve the speed of addition time. This paper presents a design and implementation of the necessary control circuit for 32-bit ESTC adder and compares it's performance and area with other previous adder designs. It has been seen through analysis of the design and operation with previous work that the Estimated Carry Adder provides a compromise between high speed, high area cost adders (carry lookahead adder) and slow, low area adders (carry ripple adder). Comparison with wellknown conventional adders demonstrates that 32-bit ESTC adder dramatically achieve speeds and/or area advantages over previously adder circuits.en_US
dc.titleAnalysis and Comparison of Estimated Carry Adder with other Adder Designsen_US

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