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dc.contributor.authorENTISAR, ELSHERIF
dc.contributor.authorDREID, FATMA
dc.description.abstractCritical reading is of significance due to being one of the colleges and universities requirements and helping learners question what is being read. Since English teachers are required to teach critical reading to their language learners, we believe that pre-service learners should be introduced to the ways of teaching critical reading. Therefore, this paper discusses the importance of critical reading by discussing how newspaper articles can be used to encourage pre-service teachers to read critically and showing them how to develop English learners critical reading. The critical reading strategies that this paper is going to focus on are developing learners questioning, language awareness, text comparison, and writing as a basis for teaching critical reading strategiesen_US
dc.titleTeaching pre- service teachers critical reading through the newspapersen_US

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    صدر العدد الحالي في يناير 2014 ويحتوي على عدد 16ورقة بحثية باللغة العربية وعدد 04 ورقة بحثية باللغة الانجليزية

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